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From the desk of: Stefan Van Assche

Davao City, Philippines

September 2022

Dear Friend,

You’re a single man with a lot of life experience, and you’d like to find a new love or just bring some romance and excitement into your life, but …

You feel young and fit and you want a woman who completely understands you, supports you, who can enrich your life, and who looks great, but …

Because of your age, it’s not easy in your own country to find relationships with younger women – without paying them.

You know the drill:

  • You are attracted to younger women, but because of your societal programming you might think there is something wrong with that

  • The people close to you do not understand your wish to have a much younger partner

  • The whole dating world is way different from a few decades ago, and you don't know where to start

  • Western women are often very dominant, and you'd prefer to have a younger partner who listens instead of demands and tells you what to do

  • You think you have no assets, and that you can't do better than dating women of your own age, even though you aren't attracted to them

Yes, you could try sugar dating and paying younger women for their company, but is that a real relationship?

You want more.

You want an authentic relationship with a young beauty who fully appreciates you, and you heard that Filipina women can fulfill your wishes.

Whatever your situation, you’ve decided you want a relationship with a young Filipina beauty who worships you and gives you the respect you deserve.

Who makes you feel young again.

The problem is  … you have no idea how to get this.

  • Maybe you don't know what your options are?

  • Maybe you think you've got nothing to offer, or that young Filipina women won't notice you?

You read some information online, make some accounts on dating sites which often charge way too much for what you get, and where you are constantly confronted with fake profiles and gold diggers.

This is frustrating, and causes you to lose heart and hope in finding a young Filipina girlfriend.

However  … rest assured that a Western man with your experience can find a much younger girlfriend here in the Philippines.

Do you recognize yourself in this profile?

Then Serenity Dating is the place for you.

We’ll help you find a suitable, young and attractive Filipina girlfriend.

Years ago I did the same thing, and found love halfway across the world.

We’re still together, and are even raising two children.

To get to that point, I’ve had to scour a lot of dating sites and apps, and dates hundreds of women.

I know how this world works, and through Serenity Dating I can help you find a pretty Filipina woman who’d love to have a relationship with you.

How does it work?

filipijnse vriendin

Step 1:

 You order a package and tell me what kind of partner you are looking for.

Step 2:

I will use your pictures and alias and create a profile on multiple dating sites and apps.

Step 3:

I’ll approach women who match your criteria and see if they are interested in you.

filipijnse vriendin

Step 4:

I’ll keep going until I’ve found the requested number of interested women, and provide you with their contact details.

Why hire Serenity Dating?

  • Date and chat with suitable women without effort

  • You pay once, and don't have to do anything else

  • No messing around with dozens of dating sites or apps

  • You'll only date women who are interested in you, so no waste of time

! Temporary bonus !

If you order Serenity Dating this month, you’ll also get:

  • eBook: 49 Tips for an Amazing Island Life

  • 1 extra girl per package

  • 10% discount on Serenity Relocation Packages

  • eBook: How to Date Filipina Women as an Older Man 101

  • eBook: Intro to Tagalog

Absolute guarantee!

When you engage Serenity Dating, you are guaranteed the contact details of a certain amount of suitable women, depending on your package.

If you buy a package with 5 Filipinas, you’ll get the contact details of 5 real Filipina women who are really looking for an older Western man, women who showed interest in you.

No scammers, no wasting your time.

Only real Filipina women.

I’ve got not problem offering this guarantee, because I’ve got years of experience dating Filipina women and I know for a fact that many of them are looking for a man like you.

If you’re interested in finding a Filipina girl, press this button, and we’ll get started right away.

! Limited Availability !

We can only help two clients per month, so don’t hesitate.

It takes a lot of time to search on all of these dating sites and talk to hundreds of women, so Serenity Dating is a limited service by default.

First come, first served!

Don’t wait, purchase a package now.

You don’t take any risk because you are guaranteed to get the contact details of real Filipina women.

Click this button to order a package now:


When does the service start?

The service starts the moment we receive your payment.

We’ll get you a form where you can fill out some information about yourself and what kind of woman you are looking for.

With this information, we get started right away, and we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

For how long can I use the service?

We’ll help you find a girl friend, so you can use the service until we’ve brought you in contact with as many women as was specified.

We’d like to suggest that you use the package to its fullest, so explore the market and don’t fall head over heels for the first pretty woman.

What if I'm not happy with the service?

We’ll do our best to get you the details of real women who are truly looking for a partner, but of course it’s possible some psychopaths and or gold diggers  slip through the net.

If one or more of the women we’ve brought you in contact with fit this description, just let us know and we’ll keep proposing women until we’ve reached the agreed amount.

What if I have specific wishes related to my partner, for example a ladyboy, a virgin, and so on?

Laat het mij weten, en ik doe mijn best om je te helpen. Ik kan niet garanderen dat ik absoluut elke niche wens kan vervullen, maar tegenwoordig is er heel veel mogelijk.