Guaranteed Sex
With 10 To 20
Young Sexy Filipina Women

#1 Sex Vacation in the Philippines

From: Stephen Phoenix

Davao City, Philippines

Dear Friend,

You don’t have enough sex.

You see sexy women everywhere, and you’re attracted to them.

This is natural and completely normal.

But … for whatever reason, you do not have sex with them.

Every man goes through the occasional “dry spell”, a period in which sex isn’t just rare, but sometimes even completely absent.

This is very dangerous.

Not enough sex is devastating for the health and the happiness of the average man, and you’ll be dealing with:

  • Low self esteem

  • Less focus, because you're thinking about sex all the time and you cannot divert your attention to other things

  • Lower testosterone, which makes you weaker, more feminine and less attractive to women, further enhancing the problem

  • You feel like you're not worth much

  • You think you're not attractive or that women don't want you

A lack of sex with attractive women can also lead to unhealthy addictions, such as excessive porn usage.

Or maybe you’ve never even had sex?

This is nothing to be embarrassed about, but of course you’d want to fix this as soon as possible.

You might be successful in other areas of life, but when it comes to this primal need, you know you’re not doing well.

Whatever your situation is, you want sex, and preferably with as many young women as possible.

Whether it is to finally lose your virginity, to get your confidence back after a long and probably sex-less monogamous relationship, or just because you’re horny as hell, you know you need sex, and lots of it.

But in your own country you don’t really know how to get started.

Maybe you’re ashamed of this, and you can’t talk to people around you about this serious issue.

Or maybe you’re still in a relationship and you’d prefer your partner not to know about your desires?

What you need is a well-deserved, anonymous and completely carefree sex vacation in the Philippines.

Book a free consultation call and we’ll discuss the options.

Advantages for you

What you get when engaging Serenity Sex Vacation is a relaxing sex vacation where you don’t even have to leave your condo.

Everything will be delivered to your doorstep, including the women you can fuck.

Relaxation, pleasure and carefree fun are what we’re about.

  • Easy sex with young women who just arrive at your doorstep

  • Enjoy a carefree stay

  • Complete assistance

  • Trouble-free travel: you will be transported from the airport to your condo (and back)

  • A pool and gym are provided so you can stay in shape

  • You only have to pay for the package, not dozens of times for this and that

  • All the small things are taken care of, like tooth paste, soap, condoms, and even cash

  • Plenty of fun extras to make your stay more pleasant, such as massages in your condo, meals delivered to your door, etc

What exactly do you get?

Sex with Filipinas

Guaranteed sex with 10 to 20 young Filipina women

All-in condominium stay

For 30 days, all utilities included

Personal assistant

For grocery shopping, visa renewal, and many other things

7/7 assistance

Through mail or chat for all your questions and problems

Meals at your doorstep

Two to three times a day, choose from a broad menu

Airport transport

A taxi will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your condo

Feeless money transfer

Cash will be delivered to your door (no conversion costs)


2-3 times weekly you’ll get a massage in your condo

Cash money

10.000 Philippine peso (200 dollars) the moment you arrive


As close to your condominium as possible

Help with tickets

I will assist you with finding the best plane tickets

All the little necessities

Tooth paste, drinking water, shampoo, condoms, etc


At your condo or as close as possible


A $100 donation to Filipino orphans

3 eBooks

Tips and manuals for a successful stay

! Temporary Bonus !

If you order a Sex Vacation this month, you’ll also get:

  • 1 extra massage per week

  • Every day fresh fruit delivered to your door

  • 20% discount on any repeat business

  • 1 upgrade to a threesome

Why use Serenity Sex Vacation?

This service isn’t free, and of course you could probably arrange all of it yourself –  but it wouldn’t be easy.

If you want to do that, go ahead, leave this page, this service isn’t for you.

But if you don’t want to deal with all the logistics (and there’s a lot of it, believe me), and just let us handle everything so you can just relax and have sex with young women, then Serenity Sex Vacation is for you.

When you engage Serenity Sex Vacation, we will take care of everything for you.

You’ll get picked up at the airport and delivered to your condominium.

Food will be delivered to you daily, you’ll have a personal assistant, and of course you’ll be able to fuck young girls who come knocking at your door.

Some of the available girls ...

Absolute guarantee!

If you are part of my target audience, I’m completely convinced you will appreciate this service.

That’s why I have no problem at all to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

When you order a Sex Vacation and change your mind up to 14 days before your planned departure, you will be fully reimbursed.

If you want to cancel closer to your departure, you will receive everything which hasn’t yet been used, such as the reservation fee for your condo.

Aside from this, you also get a 100%-services-rendered guarantee, which means you will get what you buy.

If you buy sex with 20 women, you will get sex with 20 women.

Does this sound good to you? Then don’t hesitate and order your own Sex Vacation.

Only two clients per month can be catered to, so the availability is limited!

! Limited Availability !

We can only engage two clients per month, so the availability is limited.

It takes a lot of time and planning to completely take care of a client, so this cap is required to ensure quality service to each client.

First come, first served!

Don’t hesitate and order a Sex Vacation and we’ll see what the possibilities are for your sexual fantasies in the Philippines.

With our 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk whatsoever for you to order it now.

Click this button and order your Sex Vacation:

Questions and Answers

I want to start my sex vacation as soon as possible, how can I get it sorted?

Easy! Click the button and schedule a call to discuss what you want.

You’ll have to tell me about your wishes, and when you’d like to get started.

Only two clients per month can be catered to, so we’ll have to find a date which suits both parties, but I’m flexible and if you really have a specific date in mind, we’ll do our best to arrange it.

Can I board a plane tomorrow and have sex the next day?

Unfortunately not, because arranging a Sex Vacation takes a lot of work on our end.

At the earliest, you can arrive two weeks after ordering.

We have to arrange a condominium at a good spot, communicate with the girls about your wishes, sort out the food, and so on.

What are my responsibilities as a client?

You engage Serenity Sex Vacation and client is king, but that doesn’t mean you can just do whatever you want.

I manage a company here in the Philippines and I’ve got a decent relationship with many of the service providers here in this country, such as condo owners and the girls themselves.

As a client, you’ll be able to take advantage of this setup, but we do expect you to:

  • Leave the condo in a decent state, the way you found it. We’ll have it cleaned, taken a knife to furniture or throwing your poo around or whatever is obviously frowned upon
  • Treat the girls with respect. They are usually students who pay for their education by having sex with men, so if you insult them or hurt them in any way, you will be facing the consequences.  Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any BDSM sexual encounters, obviously
  • Be a reasonable person. We’ll do our best to make you comfortable and arrange everything for you, but if something is not to your liking, let’s talk about it like adults and find a compromise

That’s it! Follow those rules and you’ll be enjoying your stay and having sex with Filipinas without any problems.

How much does this cost?

This is a very exclusive service and we only engage two clients per month.

The price of the Sex Vacations isn’t low, but of course everything is included.

This means your month-long stay in Manila is covered – you shouldn’t have any other costs.

  • 30 days condominium stay, all utilities included
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • 7/7 personal assistance
  • Drinking water
  • Between 10 and 20 girls to fuck
  • Massages
  • Cash  conversion – if you need more, you can just send us a wire transfer and we’ll deliver cash to your door
  • 2 to 3 meals per day
  • And many other things

If you were to add up all the costs of these things, you’ll soon find that they’ll come to a similar price, and don’t forget that you’d have to spend a lot of time effort in arranging everything.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, the payments are divided into 3 installments by default.

The first payment needs to be fulfilled immediately upon booking, the second two weeks before departure, and the third a week before departure.

How can I pay?

You can pay through bank transfer, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, and a few other options, depending on your region.

Europeans for example will have different options than Americans.

What if I have more questions?

Do get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help out.  You can find us on Facebook, email or through a contact form.

Can I choose which girls to fuck?

Of course! We will provide you with a roster of available girls, but you cannot be TOO picky, as we can’t show you hundreds upon hundreds of girls.

If you order a Sex Vacation for 20 girls, you might get the same girl twice.

All of them are sexy and a good lay, so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal – but if it is, we’ll do our best to mix it up.

And of course, if you find a certain girl very hot and want to take her again and again, let us know and we’ll try to arrange it.

How long can I fuck the girls?

The girls will usually stay with you for 1 hour.

Plenty of time to get to know them inside-out.

If you really want, we could arrange a deal where a girl stays the night, but that could cost you more, or we could count a whole night as 8 girls x 1 hour or something like that.

For example: you could have 1 girl for 8 hours, instead of 8 girls for 1 hour.

Is this safe?

Yes, this service is very safe for you.

You’ll get picked up and dropped off at the airport, brought to your paid-for-in-advance-condo, and you could in fact just stay there for the entirety of your trip.

Everything you want can be delivered to your door – ideal for the very introverted man.

Of course you’re fully responsible for your safety regarding sexual contact.

We’d advise you to use a condom, but it’s completely on a personal risk basis.

Is this legal?

90% of the Sex Vacation is completely legal, and 10% is in a grey zone.

The girls are very discreet, and so are we. If you are as well, there aren’t any reasons why someone else would be concerned or involved with your activities.

Another important aspect: You won’t be handing money to the girls, we’re in charge of that.

The only thing that happens here is that you get regular visits from 18+ girls and you have sex with them –  perfectly legal.

The fact that we gave that girl some money earlier in the day is our business, right?

What if I have some weird fetish?

It completely depends on the fetish and the girl, and we cannot really judge it in advance and in general.

Let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to find someone who’s open for it – but no promises.


Can I have two girls at the same time?

This shouldn’t be an issue.

If you wish an orgy with 5 girls at the same time, we could arrange it as well.

You’ll get the amount of girls described in your package, but how you want to split them over your 30 days is up to you.

You could fuck them all in a couple of days and then explore the rest of the country, or just do one per day, your choice.

What kind of meals do I get?

First off, we’ll take your wishes into account. Let us know if you have a certain preference or restriction regarding food.

You’ll always get breakfast delivered to your door, and the options here are toast, oatmeal, fresh fruit, nuts, bacon, eggs, or a combination of those.

If you’d rather have a Filipino breakfast of rice and a hotdog or some corned beef, we can arrange that too.

Aside from the breakfast, we’ll also assign you a budget for all your food (15,000 PHP, which is more than the monthly minimum wage here).

This budget can be spent at will at any restaurants you want if they’re featured in food delivery apps such as Grab or Foodpanda.

Every week we’ll give you a menu based on your preferences, and you can then fill in a form with your wishes regarding the food of that week.

Please indicate two options, so we can be flexible when a certain meal isn’t available – which happens frequently here.

We’ll arrange everything, and your food will be delivered to your condo.