Who am I?

My name is Stefan, and I’ve been living in the Philippines for over half a decade.

Way back in 2016 I finally had enough of the depressing weather, the rising cost of living, and a whole bunch of other things I didn’t like in my country of Belgium – factors which mostly also apply to the rest of the Western world.

I moved to the Philippines with nothing but a bag and a part-time online job –  which was more than enough to cover my expenses here, because it’s so cheap to live in the Philippines.

During my time here, I’ve dated scores of Filipina women, had several girlfriends, traveled all of the place, explored the sexual variety you can find here, and even invested in real estate.

All of these things are aspects of Serenity Relocation.

This is my little company here, and it’s aimed at older, well-off men who are interested in the Philippines in these capacities:

  1. Visiting/traveling here through a Relocation Package
  2. Finding a younger girlfriend through Serenity Dating
  3. Investing in real estate
  4. Enjoying an all-in sex vacation

If you are interested in any of these things, please check out the site, or get in touch!