Discover the Philippines in comfort

  • All-in condominium stay in Davao City

  • 7/7 Personal assistant

  • Help with dating Filipinas

  • Meals at your door

  • Escortservice

  • Airport transport

  • Feeless money transfer

  • Massages

  • Pool and gym

  • And many other advantages!

What we do:

Do you want to experience the Philippines without having to worry about where to stay, how to get girls, wash your clothes, renew your visa, do grocery shopping and other things?

I help older men with their stay in the Philippines by taking care of all the logistics from A to Z.

What do you get

All-in condominium stay

For 30 days, all utilities included

Personal assistant

For grocery shopping, visa renewal, and many other things

Meals at your doorstep

Two to three times a day, choose from a menu

filipijnse vriendin


Help with dating and fucking Filipinas

7/7 assistance

Through mail or chat for all your questions and problems

Airport transport

A taxi will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your condo

Feeless money transfer

Cash will be delivered to your door (no conversion costs)


Twice weekly you’ll get a massage in your condo

Cash money

10.000 Philippine peso (200 dollars)


As close to your condominium as possible

Personal grooming trip

With a style guide for clothes, haircut, and so on

All the little necessities

Tooth paste, drinking water, shampoo, condoms, etc

Island Hopping

Exploring the local islands with a boat

Help with tickets

I will assist you with finding the best plane tickets


A $100 donation to Philippine orphans


At your condo or as close as possible


If you want, I’ll arrange for escorts to visit you at your condo

3 eBooks

Tips and manuals for a successful stay

Silver Gold Platinum
30 dagen condominium
7/7 assistentie
Geld omzetten
Kleine noodzakelijkheden
2 eBooks
Persoonlijke assistent
Hulp bij daten
Hulp bij vinden van tickets
€100 donatie aan weeskinderen
10.000 PHP in cash
Ontbijt x30
Island Hopping Tour
Persoonlijke stijlgids
Optioneel: escorteservice

Yes, I want this!

Personal assistance

Your lovely personal assistant will help you with things like doing groceries, your laundry, a breakfast, getting you cash money, renewing your visa, and much more

Carefree travel

We’ll pick you up at the airport and bring you to your condo. You don’t have to do anything, I will arrange everything. You can discover the Philippines completely at your leisure, without having to worry about the annoying logistics

Ultimate enjoyment

Because Serenity Relocation takes care of the logistics, you can just relax and enjoy your stay. You will get massages in your condo, access to a pool and gym, a tour of the local islands, assistance with finding and fucking women, and so on

Discover my other services

filipijnse vriendin

Find a girlfriend

Looking for an Eastern beauty who’d love to have a relationship with an experienced man?

I can help you with dating Philippine women.

Real estate investment

Want to invest in an condominium in a rising economy such as the Philippines?

I will help you through the entire process.

Sex vacation

Want to have frequent sex with Filipina women in a deluxe all-in vacation in Manila?

I’ll take care of it.


What clients have to say:

"I've never been comfortable traveling to another country, but thanks to Serenity Relocation, I could get over my fears and just relax ... i can really recommend Davao City by the way, it's a great place to live"
Cecil B.
Wisconsin, US
"really happy with the service provided ... Amber is a great assistant and helped me out finding my way"
Jean-Claude D.P.
Lille, France
"Always been interested in the Philippines, and because of the rising cost of living in my country, I finally decided to make my move. Best decision I ever made, and Serenity Relocation made it so easy. You pay once, and then they take care of everything"
Paul S.
Sidney, Australia

What does Serenity Relocation do exactly?

Serenity Relocation is a service where I help experienced men with certain aspects regarding the Philippines.

First off, I’ve got Relocation Packages: all-in packages which serve to provide you with the possibility of discovering Davao City in the Philippines at a carefree and comfortable manner.

The concept is really simple: upon purchasing a Relocation Package, you’ll get a suite of services and products, such as a 30-day all-in stay at a condominium with a pool, assistance with all kinds of things, easy money conversion, help with Filipinas, and much more.

You can read more about it here.

Who is this aimed for? Someone who wants to experience the Philippines but doesn’t want to waste time on annoying nonsense such as finding a taxi at the airport, getting laundry done, paying bills, how to get the local currency, etc.

Someone who doesn’t mind paying for comfort.

Aside from that, I’ve also got a dating service named Serenity Dating. I help experienced men with finding a younger Filipina girlfriend.

A combination of both is also possible in the form of a Sex Vacation, where you’ll get a 30 day all-in stay with guaranteed sex with 10 to 20 Filipinas.

And finally, Serenity Real Estate is aimed at helping people invest in real estate in the Philippines, from their home country.

You engage my service, I’ll look for a suitable condo, and I’ll engage the real estate company and introduce you.

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